Model Monk

Once there was a man who became fed up with humanity and decided
to spend the rest of his life in a monastery.

The abbot warned him that he would have to take a vow of silence
and live the rest of his life as a scribe, to which the man
replied, "No Problem. I'm sick of talking anyway."

Ten years went by, and the abbot called for the man. He told him
that he was a model monk and perfect scribe, and that they were
very happy to have him. As per their tradition, he was allowed to
say two words. Asked if he had anything to say, the man nodded
and said:

"Food cold."

The abbot sent him on his way. Ten years later, he was brought
before the abbot again and once more told how pleased they were
with his performance, and that he was again allowed two more
words if he so chose. The man said:

"Bed hard," and was sent back to work.

Another ten years went by and again the abbot sent for the man,
telling him that he was the best monk they had ever had, and that
he was allowed another two words. The man nodded and said:

"I quit."

To this, the abbot replied in a disgusted tone: "Doesn't surprise
me. You've done nothing but complain since you got here."


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