A truck driver went to look for a job. He showed up at this one place
that needed truck drivers bad. He was told that if he could pass an
exam, he would be able to go right to work.

The truck driver asked "If'n I was to pass this test, what time do you
want me and Leroy to show up for work?"

The man said, "Who is Leroy?"

"Oh, Leroy be my swamper, we been togetter for sebenteen yearrr, I don't
go nowhere wifout Leroy."

"Well we do need truckdrivers really bad, OK. If you pass your exam you
and Leroy can start to work tomarrow."

The man said the first part of the exam was oral. "Suppose you're
driving down the road at 65 MPH, and you come around a curve of a narrow
road, then you come to a bridge, and in the middle of the bridge is
another truck jackknifed in the middle of the bridge. You can't stop,
you can't go to the left or right. Quick, What's the first thing you're
going to do?"

The truck driver took his time answering. "Well the first thing I do
will be reach over and wake up Leroy."

"Why would you wake up Leroy first?"

"Well me and Leroy been togetter fer sebenteen yearrr, and he ain't
never seen a wreck like we gonna have!"


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