Once, there was this young 21-year-old guy, named John, walking in the streets and he desperately needed to know the time, but he had no watch. Just then, he saw a man, who was well in his 40s, waiting at the bus-stop. He went over to ask him the time. John: "Excuse me sir, could you please tell me the time?"
The man remained silent. John asked the same question again and again but the man still remained silent. Frustrated, John asked: "Why aren't you telling me the time?!?" The man finally said, "Well, if I tell you the time, then you will be happy. Then, we'll meet again another day and you'll try to thank me by offering me dinner. Then, I'll have to invite you to my house since we'll be close by then. Then, you meet my stunningly beautiful daughter and both of you will get really close and eventually get married! And, I do not want my daughter marrying a guy who can't afford to buy a watch!!!"


2 thoughts on “Time?

  1. Ha, ha, he, he, – once again you have started my day with humor. I should make your blog the first one I look at.
    No time right now for the interview questions but I’ll come back and check them out.

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