It was 2 am and a California Highway Patrol officer was sitting behind a billboard, eating a donut and watching his radar gun. Suddenly WHOOOOOM!!!! A car speeds past him topping out at 104 miles per hour. The cops jumps in his car and chases after the reckless driver.

He sees the speeding car weaving all over the road, and when the cop put on his siren, the driver panicked and drove into the oncoming traffic lane. He zoomed past cars and trucks, all frantically skidding and honking their horns. Somehow the cop was able to keep pace with the guy, and the driver did a 180 and drove in the opposite direction. The cop did a U-Turn and followed the car, and watched the guy break through a guard rail, over a cliff and land safely on the road below, only to have the car engine start smoking and die.

The cop scrambled down the cliff to find the driver staggering out of his car, obviously drunk.

"Are you drunk or something?" he screamed at the driver.

"Of course," replied the guy, "You think I'd ride this scary roller-coaster sober?"


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