India World’s Tallest Building Planned

tn_indiatallestbuilding02.jpg India will soon be home to the world’s tallest building, World Centre of Vedic Learning which is 700 feet taller than Petronas Towers in Kuala Lumpur as depicted in the picture above. It will also have many times larger mass than any existing tall buildings.


10 thoughts on “India World’s Tallest Building Planned

  1. Thats Not True. I don’t understand why india doe’snt think of building worlds tallest building. all countries were competing each other. why don’t india enter.

  2. no never…..coz dubai is making the one of tallest building. the work is start and its going to finish also that could be the one of tallest building

  3. I think it must be a joke. In a country where building an expressway between mysore and bangalore took more than 10 years to get the land, I dont think this can happen. If this happens, it can be called the 8th wonder – not because the building is so tall…because indians overcame all the politics and built it!!!!!

  4. The Burj Dubai still a year and a half from completion is currently the Worlds Tallest Building, 2nd now is the Taipei 101 Building at 508m, The Burj is currently standing at 602m high with a further 198m until completion, thus at 800m high when finished at the end of 2008, it will dwarf its Indian counterpart by 133m.

    Imagine standing in the observation deck in Dubai at nearly 1km up, amazing!

  5. i think it should not take part in this competetion of making tallest building…….low rise high density architecture is more correct for our contry.

  6. very good. at last india is planning to make the tallest building in the world is a very good news for all us. but i also thik culturaly and also in climate & engineering context low rise building is better in india.

  7. “flood in sahara desert”. would u belive this. this is what this rumour says. india is a country of politcs.politcs spoils india’s economic development.if this incidence is true also this building construction will finish after 50 years ,coz of the idiot political game………..

  8. hey guys i really dont think this will ever come up…. even if it does, by the time it does it become the world’s 12th or 15th tallest building…

    After the Burj Khalifa(Dubai) was completed this year which is currently 828m(approx) tall is the worlds tallest building. Recently the King of Dubai announced that he is coming with the new tallest building which will be 1400m tall which is double the height of the current tallest building.

    India needs a lot of time to get into this kind of competition. Due to politics and lot many reasons its simply not posible.

    Just take an example of the Bengaluru Turf Tower which proposed last year was to be the world’s 2nd tallest building with a height of 660m, it is still awaiting the approval from the government, this itself i dont think will ever be possible..

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