Hyetis Crossbow – Feature-Packed Smartwatch with a 41-Megapixel Camera

Hyetis Crossbow – Feature-Packed Smartwatch with a 41-Megapixel Camera.


A Phone That Really Hangs Up

This cordless hanger phone enables new ways and new spaces to place your phone when not in use. “Hanging up” your phone takes on a whole new meaning as phone calls are ended by simply the hanging action. Letting it stand on a table also turns it off. Comes with an induction charger and transmitter in the form of a hook.

Energy Saving Adapters

The Energy Saving Adapters by Gilles Belley not only look good but have some smarts behind them too. Each module corresponds to a device and monitors the power consumption independently. Most electrical devices have a standby mode to save energy but even then, about 10% of today’s electrical costs come from appliances wasting energy in that mode. The Energy Saving Adapters can detect this and display symbolic symbols notifying the owner of wasted energy. If someone doesn’t respond within 3 minutes, it automatically turns off said device.